Multisampled instruments for Kontakt, HALion, EXS24 and Gigastudio




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Mk seventy-three - The Rhodes challenger! Recorded through a a Fender Twin - The way it was supposed to.



ST Reed Organ - 100 year old Reed Organ, perfectly sampled. Pedal and Bellow noice for super-realistic playing. 8 individual stops.


White Grand - SampleTekk proudly presents the White Grand, in our opinion, the best contemporary pop/rock/jazz grand piano in the sampled world today.


SampleTekk Marimbas - This Marimba has all notes (A1-C6) sampled in stereo. No less then 8 velocities/note makes this Marimba one of the largest sampled marimbas on the market today.
Played using hard, medium and soft mallets.



Renaissance Flutes - A complete set of recorders, Bass, Alto, Tenor, Soprano and Sopranino, beautifully played by one of Sweden's top flutists


ToneWheel - Welcome to the Tonewheel experience – The Draw-Bar is open! If this organ was a date, it wouldn’t be the one you presented to your mother – this is the one you would PARTY with! It’s only rock’n’roll but I’ll think you’ll like it…….




ST Clav -Hohner Clavinet D6 ©, has for years been putting the onk in funk, but with it’s distinct timbre, unique design and great respons, it’s been a tonal tool for musicians in many genres. It is really a staple instrument for the keyboard player



INIL Choir - Original voices from 10CC's seminal production "I'm Not In Love". Released in cooperation with Eric Stewart.




Blue Grand - The Blue Grand is the perfect piano when you want something that’s a bit more mellow, old school and ambient sound.


Black Grand MkII - The magnificent Steinway D, recorded in a concerthall for the true concert grand experience. Three different microphone perspectives,True Pedaling, Sympathetic Resonance


Blue Grand MkII - New improved version of the character Grand Piano, Blue Grand


White Grand Mk II - New improved version of the famous White Grand




SampleTekk Black - Based on the famous SampleTekk Black Grand, but with refined samples, and the use of SampleTekk's True Resonance Samples in combination with Native Instruments Kontakt Engine.



Rain Piano MkII - New improved version of the great Rain Piano



Pump Organ - A small, simple organ with tons of charm! Nothing you would play the Toccata on, but try some Tom Waits songs!


BOB - Orchestral Brass - BOB gives you French Horn, Trombone, Trumpet and Tuba.


and many, many more..........





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